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What makes us happy

What makes us happy?

Students of 10 and 11 grades answer this question.


  • "I'm happy when I am with my friends and family. Sometimes I prefer to be on my own and it gives me happiness too. So it depends."
  • "I am happy when I experience strong emotions, when I do some extreme things. Doing the same routine day after day makes me feel bored."
  • "To be happy I need money. It will give me a chance to fulfill my dreams, to have what I whant, to do things that I enjoy doing. I will be able to help people and animals. Helping others I would feel happier myself"
  • "The more money I will have, the happier I will be"
  • "I'm happy when I am with my friends, when we go out together.Their laugh makes me laugh too"

school #31

  • "What is happiness for me? You know, it is living in my world. When I come home and go to bed, close my eyes and fall into my dreams - it's the best time of my life. There, in the world of my imagination I can be myself, or a stranger, or animal, or human, or a plant, or even nobody. I can do anything: swim, fly, jump down from tall buildings, run as fast as I whant, be invisible, etc. In my real life I can't do it. That's why my dreams make me happy. In the world of my dreams I can be myself!"
  • R.B. 10а
  • "Awareness of life is a great happiness for me. Life with all its losses and gains, successes and failures gives me a great sense of happiness. I love to live. Very often I just close my eyes and feel the harmony with the world and other people around me. I sincerely believe that love can come back in response. The more I'm happy, the more I give happiness to others. Isn't it great to see smiles on faces of your friends and smile them back?"
  • Вайнерова Лиза 11а
  • "What is happiness to me? It is when everything in my family fine, when there are no problems, because if someone in my family feels bad, all of us feel bad, because we are the family. Smiles on the faces of my friends, laugh, warm summer days make me happy. I'm happy when I know that in this world I've people who I can trust my heart. I feel happy when I think of my future, of my children. In my dreams I am walking with my friend and I carry a little human in my body. These dreams in my mind give me comfort and make me happy."
  • 11a
  • Happiness to me is a loving family. Without the support it gives you can't be successful in any sphere of life. You can't be happy, if you don't have friends, who love you for what you are. I have a beautiful and clever dog. It's happiness to see his sleepy face every morning, to see his trusting eyes and understand that he needs me more than anyone else in this world.
  • Dikan Alex 10a