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Giving Examples

for example used when giving an example of the kind of thing that you have just mentioned:

• People watch huge amounts of television. In the United States, for example, many children spend more hours watching television than they do attending school.

for instance means the same as for example, but it is slightly less formal:

Our climate is already showing signs of change. Last year, for instance, was one of the hottest summers on record.

• There is a great deal we can do to reduce the amount of pollution we produce. For instance, we can use our cars less, and use public transport instead.

particularly/in particular adverb used when saying that something is especially true about someone or something:

Tourism is very important for the economy, particularly in the south of the country.

• His work had a big influence on Picasso in particular.

be a good/typical/classic/obvious etc example:

• The United Kingdom is a good example of a country that consists of several smaller states.

• Her case is a classic example of this kind of problem.

be a case in point used when saying that something is a very good and relevant example of the kind of thing that you have just mentioned:

• Many native English plants and animals are under threat. The red squirrel is a case in point.

• The government has consistently ignored basic human rights. A case in point is the recent killing of 10 political prisoners.

such as used when giving one or two typical examples of the kind of thing or person that you mean, when there are many other examples:

• The factory produced electrical goods such as washing machines and cookers.

• Girls do better than boys in subjects such as English.