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Giving opinions

Expressing views and opinions

1. in my view / in my opinion

· In my view, birds should not be kept in cages.

2. from my point of view

· From my point of view it makes no difference whether you return on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

· From a political point of view, the agreement of the UN is extremely important

3. I reckon: usually to express an opinion about what Is likely to happen

· I reckon it'll rain later today. Let's go tomorrow.

4. I feel: to express a strong personal opinion

· I feel she shouldn't be getting married so young.

5. If you ask me: to express an opinion that may be critical

· If you ask me, it's unreasonable to pay for something which should be free.

6. To be honest (with you): to express a critical opinion without seeming rude

· To be honest (with you), I'm surprised you got into university with such low grades.

7. As far as I'm concerned: to express an opinion that may be different from others'

· As far as I'm concerned, the matter is over and done with and we can now move forward